Sunday, 22 November 2009

Arctic Monkeys Gig


Finally, Lu, Eli and me went to the Arctic Monkeys concert. It was gonna be our first real concert in London (Fraud Feast and Tahani tried really hard, but you know) and it was going to be in Wembley Arena (not the stadium, what a pity, maybe some other time). We had some technical problems in getting there, because we had to take the purple line (for those who are really worried about the colors, the Metropolitan one), and the fast and medium tubes didn't stop at wembley park, which was our stop. And our tube was actually goin fast. We pass some stations without stopping. But at the end it was a false alarm, the tube stopped at Wembley. We expected a long queue, but in fact it was short, cause we arrived quite early. Moreover, we managed to get a place near the singers.

People there were really drunk. A lot of drunken British I mean. Before the Arctics, a group nobody known played (three guys with long moustaches like the gauls in Asterix) and the people started jumping and shouting like if it was the main gig xD. Well, to tell the truth not exactly like that because when the real concert began people acted more violently. The first song Arctic's played was a new one, so anybody got excited. The storm started with "Brianstorm" and the people around us started to do a savage pogo. So hard that we almost fall down. Lu got lost in the wave of people but Eli and I succeced in remained together. . The only good thing about that pogo is that you end up touching asses without actually having the intention of xD. After that the situation was much calmed.

About the singers, well, lets say that they were as emotionless as a sleepy mussel. They just played their songs one after the other without saying anything to the public nor trying to be empathic. Besides, they don't know anything about when they have to play each song. Instead of saving the most famous songs for the end, the played "I bet that you look good on the dancefloor" in forth place. To top it up they didn't play "Leave before the lights come on".  In spite of all this the concert was great, public made their ethilic joyfulness contagious.

That's the good thing about gigs. No matter who is singing, if you want to you have a great time you have it. And if you know the songs of the group, the better. Now I can cross from my list of things I should do in London " Going to a real concert" :D

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